Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure the authenticity of all Criminal Record Checks conducted in Canada, identity verification is mandatory. Strike Criminal Record Check, you have the choice between electronic and physical ID verification methods, accompanied by clear instructions. Once your identity verification is successfully completed, your check is typically processed within one business day. Individuals seeking their own Criminal Record Checks are given the option to verify their identity online or at a Canada Post office. For those conducting checks on behalf of an organization through Strike Criminal Record Check, approved ID verification methods specified by the organization are provided.

A Strike Criminal Record Check remain valid from their date of completion, as indicated in the results. Instead of an expiration date, the date of completion is provided. The organization requesting the check determines its validity period according to their own criteria. If deemed necessary due to the passage of time since completion, the organization may ask for a renewal.

After receiving identity verification (either electronic or physical), anticipate receiving results within one business day, unless specified otherwise.

The details displayed on your Strike Criminal Record Check profile represent your criminal record at the time when the search was conducted. This information remains static until you choose to update your account by initiating another Criminal Record Check. If you are in the process of obtaining a pardon/record suspension or if there has been recent activity affecting your criminal record, there might be a delay before these updates are reflected in the National Repository of Criminal Records. This delay is attributed to the processing time required for data entry into the National Repository and can also be influenced by the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.

Strike Criminal Record Check collaborates with Canadian police agencies to conduct Criminal Record Checks based on an applicant's Name and Date of Birth. These searches aim to identify any criminal convictions existing in the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records for which no pardon/record suspension has been granted. The information retrieved reflects the record's status as of the search date.

Furthermore, results include any self-disclosed criminal history provided by the individual. In cases where a "Not Clear" determination is made, confirmation of disclosure by the individual is also indicated.

Please be aware: Detailed specifics of a criminal record conviction require fingerprint verification. Fingerprinting services are available through local police or accredited agencies. Contact Strike Criminal Record Check for additional assistance.

The information obtained through the Criminal Record Check does NOT encompass:

  • Outstanding entries (such as information on charged or wanted individuals)
  • Convictions under Provincial Statutes
  • Convictions for which a pardon/record suspension has been granted
  • Cases where the applicant has been found guilty by reason of mental disorder

The data furnished to our clients originates from accredited Canadian Police Agencies. Strike Criminal Record Check collaborates with multiple police departments nationwide to procure Name-based Criminal Record Checks via the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), the sole national repository of criminal records in Canada.

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Feel free to reach out via email at or give us a call at 1-613-690-6363 (toll-free Canada and USA), and one of our team members will gladly assist you.

All data gathered during the background investigation procedure will be securely stored by Strike Criminal Record Check in confidential files, with limited access granted solely to authorized personnel with a relevant need-to-know. Discover further details in our privacy policy.

Our expertise lies in conducting pre-employment background screenings, encompassing criminal record checks, credit checks, reference checks, education and credential verifications, as well as employment history verifications.

Our Criminal Record Checks derive their results from accredited Canadian Police services. Strike Criminal Record Check collaborates with numerous police agencies nationwide to conduct these checks. Strike Criminal Record Check operates under jointly executed and approved agreements with these police agencies and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). These agreements enable the lawful acquisition and sharing of criminal record information in accordance with the RCMP Canadian Police Information Centre’s (CPIC) Dissemination of Criminal Record Information policy. These agreements have undergone thorough review and approval processes by both the RCMP’s CPIC and the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS).

Furthermore, Section 19 of the Dissemination of Criminal Record Information policy outlines the accreditation standards that any third party must meet before entering into such agreements with a Canadian police service. Strfike Criminal Record Check has not only met but exceeded these accreditation standards to the satisfaction of the partnering police agencies and the RCMP (CPIC and CCRTIS).